Our Programming Team is currently accepting conference proposals for oral presentations and poster presentations in the following topic areas. The proposal deadline has been extended to April 22, 2019.

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  • Ecosystem services

  • Geo-ecology and evolution of the coastal plain

  • Climate change and prairie conservation

  • Historical and societal perspectives of prairies

  • The human connection: Prairies, watersheds, and human health

  • Economics of working prairies

  • Prairie Education

  • Urban prairies

  • Community engagement and communication (art, photography, videography, education, diversity)

  • Branding and marketing

  • The prairie – watershed connection (geology/soil, flood control, aquifer recharge, water quality

  • Management of prairies (fire, invasive species, patch burn grazing, grazing, mowing, etc.)

  • Restoring degraded land

  • Prairie animals (life history & ecology of invertebrates, herps, birds, mammals, microbes)

  • Prairie plants (life history, ecology, response to management practices)

  • Assessment and monitoring of prairies (remote sensing, GIS, etc.)

  • Control of invasives